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Sharing of ideas, tips, and strategies for increasing your Bitcoin trading profits

Sharing of ideas, tips, and strategies for increasing your Bitcoin trading profits

Why is so much ID verification needed to buy/sell bitcoin?

I thought some of the attraction of bitcoin is to free yourself from the traditional banking system & all it's regulations. I opened an account at Coinbase but there's so much ID verification required, it's unbelievable ..about the same as opening a traditional bank account.
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just made 10 million off saving up until the right moment then selling the 60 coins I had saved up
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Does PayPal sell Bitcoin or numbers on a spreadsheet?

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Can I sell bitcoin and get cash direct in Cuba?

I'm out of ready money and find some guys help me, I have debit visa but now it is not work and exchange rate with Cuba bank is too low and comission between 2 bank is too high. Thank you so much.
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What Price To Sell Bitcoin?

So I just maxed out my bitcoin farm and was wondering how high you guys wait for bitcoin prices with therapist before you sell them
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How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin In India In 2020

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How to buy sell bitcoins using Bitcoin ATM

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Got a question about someone dming to sell bitcoin

I know I shouldn't respond, but hear me out, what can I do to stay safe during a transaction? My plan is basically to give an address, check to see if the bitcoin came through, then pay with PayPal. Is there a way the other guy can scam me?
If I'm being retarded, please tell me
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How can i buy/sell bitcoin with use belgium banks?

Yes. It's my problem.
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Where to Sell Bitcoin?

I’m looking for somewhere to sell my Bitcoin. I have quite a bit and I’m looking to get rid of some to pay bills. I would need cash or a cashiers check, all legal of course. I realize that there’s many machines, but they do not buy BTC. The one in CDA has been out of cash for a week so, no luck there and they can only do $3k/day. I would prefer if someone could tell me of a business, person, or broker that could buy from me
Keep in mind that this isn’t an advertisement, but a genuine question. I can’t find anything online and you can’t sell BTC for cash on localbitcoins anymore
Thanks 😆
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Payments Giant Paypal Says Its Customers Can Now Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Payments giant Paypal says its customers can now buy, sell and hold bitcoin and other virtual coins with the company’s online wallets. The company also says its customers will able to use cryptocurrencies to shop at the 26 million merchants on its network starting in early 2021.
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Sell bitcoin or take out personal loan

I need cash for buying a buisness and I need to finance 8k to seal the deal... sell 8k of coin or take a personal at some crazy interest rate
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Best way to sell Bitcoin?

Hey together,
not too long ago I bought a bit of Bitcoin and it actually rose in value a bit. I'm thinking about selling it for the profit now.
I've read a lot about buying Bitcoins but what do you recommend if you want to sell them? Are there special platforms for this?
Thanks in advance :-)
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Crypto exchanges that can be used to sell bitcoin in Malta.

Please can someone give me any crypto exchanges that can be used to sell bitcoin in Malta. I gather that selling bitcoin is generally more difficult than buying it. Are they bothered that theoretically I might of got my bitcoin from shady deals on the dark web or not ? I havent. I am 100% clean. I have had a small amount of bitcoin for years and it has shot up in value. But it would be difficult, even though obtained legitimately, to supply any documentation to support that.
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Does each broker sell bitcoin at a different price?

First of all I don't know if I can refer to coinbase, etoro, luno etc.. as brokers. Can we say that those apps that allow you to buy/sell bitcoin online are called online brokers? I noticed that each of them sell/buy bitcoin at a different price. Is that correct? Why is that? Sorry for my English..
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Welcome to one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. with our coming new version, Get low fees & top security at EXCOINCIAL EXCHANGE when you buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, AFCASH,EXL ..., #cryptocurrency 3exchange #trading #BITCOIN #usdt #afcash #eth #digitalmarketing #venturecapital submitted by Excoincial to u/Excoincial [link] [comments]

How can I sell Bitcoins if I'm under 18?

Hi everyone, I'm writing here because I have earned some Bitcoins on the website. I was looking for a way to convert them to euros, but all the websites I've looked for only allow people over 18. Is there a way I can sell my Bitcoins and get euros if I'm 17?
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Getting a 504 Gateway Timeout Error when trying to sell Bitcoin

Hey all,
I am trying to sell some bitcoin to a linked bank account but every time i get to the point of registering the app will stall and i get a 504 error gateway timeout. Anyone know what this is about and if theres a solution?

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How to buy sell bitcoins using Bitcoin ATM (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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LibertyX adds ability to sell bitcoin for cash at ATMs in US

Retail network of BTC ATMs, LibertyX will now allow consumers to sell bitcoin for cash from thousands of their local ATMs in the U.S., it announced. In the past six years, LibertyX said it has allowed users to buy bitcoin at 5,000 ATMs and 20,000 chain store locations in the U.S.  LibertyX CEO and co-founder […]
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How to sell Bitcoin in India

Hello guys, I have $100 worth BTC, how and where can I sell it? I want the money in my bank without any fees or anything or if there are fees then what would it be? For eg: If I sell 1000RS worth bitcoin on the Google exchange rate then what can I expect to receive in my bank account? Please guide me.
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ILPT Request How to sell Bitcoin without alerting the IRS ?

Hypothetically if you had 10k of Bitcoin, how would you sell it and get money in your bank account without alerting the irs ?
Edit: here come all the messages “I can convert for you” try harder scammers
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How to Sell Bitcoins for Cash at ATM - YouTube How to sell bitcoins in Coinbase - YouTube How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin On Paxful - YouTube How to buy and sell Bitcoin - Bitcoin 101 - YouTube How to sell Bitcoin on paxful - YouTube

A step by step guide to buy&sell cryptocurrency on Bitcoin Global Instant registration. It’s free. No identity verification, no waiting times, no additional charges, all you need is an email address to get started Browse, search and filter offers You can post your own offer to trade or reply to someone else’s offer. Offers can be filtered by location, payment method, currency. Trade with ... Sell Your Bitcoin in 5 Easy Steps. There are certain ways of doing every work. Similarly, there are some steps that you need to follow to avoid any mistake while selling your bitcoin. Bitcoins are stored in a digital platform; if you make any mistake, then you might lose your digital money. So it’s crucial to be careful while dealing with your digital money. Here are five easy steps you need ... On Paxful, you dictate how much you want to sell your Bitcoin for & how you want to cash out. Sell your BTC on your own terms to anyone, anywhere in the world. It's a good idea to know how to sell Bitcoin, even if you don't plan to do it just yet. Follow these steps and you'll be rid of your Bitcoin in no time flat. Sell Bitcoin in the UK. UK-based Bitcoin sellers have extensive options when it comes to exchanges. Coinbase and Coinmama are all represented in the UK. The major decentralised exchanges are available in the United Kingdom, as well as the UK-only, peer-to-peer marketplace, BitBargain. Sell Bitcoins in Australia . The major global exchanges are absent from Australia. CoinCorner, which also ...

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How to Sell Bitcoins for Cash at ATM - YouTube

Selling bitcoin is just as easy as buying bitcoin, either look for someone who has a post on Paxful that is looking to buy for a good price or post your own ad to sell it and people will reach out ... In this video, I show you how to sell your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies from your Blockchain account and how to withdraw your funds into your bank. If y... BitRocket how to Sell Bitcoins at a Lamassu machine for Cash. Buy or Sell Bitcoin Cash anywhere in the world without an ID or verification. A step by step walkthrough on how to buy or sell BCH on by Ro... In this tutorial you will learn how to sell bitcoin on PAXFUL,with amazon gift card.or other 299 ways.Get started on PAXFUL