FirePro W8000 4GB Or FirePro S9150 16GB Mining Performance ...

Ethereum update: AMD FirePro S9100 Mining? Hello I am wondering if anyone has ever had the chance to have AMD FirePro S9100’s and if they have ever tried to use them for mining. I am currently trying to find info online but, haven’t come across much about these cards. If anyone has any info to share it would be greatly appreciated! Sydney, Australia. — August 27, 2012 — AMD today launched the AMD FirePro™ S9000 and S7000, the industry’s most powerful dual- and single-slot server graphics cards for compute, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and workstation graphics deployments in data centers , .Equipped with next-generation Graphics Core Next architecture and intelligent AMD PowerTune and ZeroCore Power ... According to AMD, the FirePro S10000 is already available and carries a suggested retail price of $3599. The single-GPU FirePro S9000 was priced at $2,499 when it came out News; About Us; Follow; Twitter; Youtube; Vimeo; LinkdIn; CompuBench RS CompuBench 1.5 Desktop CompuBench 1.5 Mobile CompuBench 2.0 Desktop AMD Firepro M4100 FireGL V OS; Windows . API; OpenCL . Discrete GPU; AMD Firepro M4100 FireGL V; Change OS/API/Etc. Windows . OpenCL . AMD Firepro M4100 FireGL V. Add another device. Face Detection 15.905 mPixels/s; TV-L1 Optical Flow 4.298 mPixels/s ... The FirePro S series will be composed by the FirePro S9000 and FirePro S7000. These parts are very similar – but not identical – to the W9000 and W7000 parts launched earlier this month.

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